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Ocean Star International (OSI)
Ocean Star International, Inc. (O.S.I.) is dedicated to producing a full range of high quality larval shrimp and fish feeds backed by a solid guaranteed. This has led to the consistent use of our products in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, P.R. China, Singapore, Taiwan R.O.C., Thailand, USA, Vietnam, Venezuela, and many European countries. We stress quality in our products because we understand its importance in hatcheries. Only high quality materials are used to promote fast growth and high survival rates. Because fish and shrimp consume our feeds quickly, little feed is left to pollute the water.
O.S.I. Marine Lab., Inc.
The name may be new to you, but Ocean Star International (O.S.I.) is not new to the production of food
products for fish and shrimp. For over a decade, O.S.I. has been supplying aquaculture markets with premium quality fish and shrimp foods. O.S.I.'s foods are manufactured in Utah (U.S.A.) and shipped throughout the world. Marketing is done by its sister company, O.S.I. Marine Lab., Inc.
A World Leader in Aquarium Fish Foods
O.S.I. fish foods are used by satisfied breeders and award-winning hobbyists worldwide to enhance the beauty and vitality of their fish. The same high quality standards used to manufacture O.S.I.'s aquaculture hatchery foods are used to produce our aquarium foods. No other fish food can match O.S.I. products for quality and freshness. We guarantee our customers' satisfaction
Backed By Research and Development
O.S.I.'s research is carried out under the direction of specialists in fish biology, nutrition, aquaculture, and invertebrate nutrition. O.S.I. tests its products at facilities in Utah, California and the Philippines. Staff scientists regularly participate in professional symposiums and conduct informational seminars for retailers and consumers.
Superior Nutritional Advantages
O.S.I.'s wide range of flake and pellet foods have been formulated with exceptional nutritional advantages and benefits. Our foods contain pre-digested ingredients for high nutrient absorption, natural color enhancers, feeding attractants, and vitamins (including stabilized vitamin C). Because O.S.I. incorporates the most recent biotechnological advances, our formulas provide superior nutrition and are eagerly accepted by aquarium fishes.